Call for Council Rethink on Unpopular Land Proposals

Local Conservative Councillors are challenging Labour-led Swansea Council to reconsider their proposals to sell off key green field sites overlooking Swansea Bay. 

The proposals have been met with outrage by members of the public, who don’t want to see further and unnecessary development of our green spaces. 

The biggest controversy are two sites on Mumbles Road, the one next to the West Cross Inn and the area surrounding the skate ramp. Members of the public are outraged that these could be sold off and Conservative Councillors argue that these are an indispensable part of the appeal when visiting Mumbles. 

The view across the Bay to Mumbles is seen as part of the “Mumbles” experience when visiting the area and to develop these sites would be hugely damaging to our tourism industry. 

Cllr Lyndon Jones said, “Once developed, there will be no going back for these green spaces. The Council needs to listen to the public, who are in disbelief at this proposal. This environmental vandalism must stop NOW”!

Cllr Langstone said, “There are certainly opportunities to build on what makes Mumbles and Swansea an attractive place for tourists and I believe we should be looking at ways to boost tourism to benefit our local economy and create jobs. However, when exploring these, we should never compromise on what makes our area beautiful. Losing our natural appeal will damage tourism and have the reverse effect. The Council needs to listen to the public and take a sensible approach.”