The Kingsway: It’s back to the future!

With two-way traffic returned to the Kingsway, it’s like “back to the future” because that’s what it used to be!

It’s a big improvement and traffic is moving well around the City Centre, which is great news.

However, the sad thing is that to get there has cost millions of pounds of YOUR money, which has been poured into vanity project after vanity project, depriving local  communities of much needed investment.

The Kingsway has looked like a building site for years. The cost of this has been high, because as a result, we have seen the heart being taken out of our City Centre, making Swansea the empty shop capital of Wales!

Cllr Lyndon Jones, Leader and Cllr. Myles Langstone, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group on Swansea Council, said, “Going forward, we should direct finances to other areas in need of investment and focus on making Swansea an attractive place to work and visit.

The Conservative group, commit to leaving the Kingsway saga behind and not wasting any more time or taxpayer’s money on changing the road any further.

The focus now is to support local businesses and ensure Swansea realises its fantastic potential and we will work with the Council to achieve this.

We are proud of Swansea, so we now need to put this debacle behind us and work to make Swansea a “must go” destination, something we all know it can be once again.