What We're Doing For the Economy

Higher Pay. Lower Taxes. More Jobs. 

We can now afford to invest more in our economy. And that's because of the hard work of the British pepole. 

We've taken the tough decisions and together we've put our economy back on track. 

So now we can afford to raise pay. Cut taxes. And create more jobs. 

Helping to lower the cost of living - and helping you to get on in life. 

Ending low pay by raising the National Living Wage

  • By 2024, the National Living Wage will be £10.50 an hour. That's a £4,000-a-year pay rise. 
  • And we'll extend the National Living Wage to everyone over 21. 
  • Helping the lowest-paid workers earn more money. 

Cutting taxes for 32 million people 

  • We've taken 1.74 million people out of income tax since 2015. 
  • Helping the average basic-rate taxpayer keep £1,200 more than in 2010. 
  • And frozen fuel duty for nine years in a row. 

The lowest level of unemployment since the 1970s

  • More people are in work than anytime since the 1970s
  • That's because we took the tough decisions - and our economy is growing. 
  • So more people have the security of a job and a wage.