Success on Winter Parking Charges

The Conservative Group on Swansea Council are delighted to welcome news that winter parking charges are set to be reduced, after a Scrutiny Working Group on parking charges was set up and Chaired by Newton Councillor Will Thomas.

The increase in winter parking charges has been a major issue for residents, visitors and businesses alike, as the additional cost has deterred many from visiting our beach fronts as frequently as they would have liked. Cllr Thomas, who made this a key part of his campaign in 2017, decided to take a proactive approach to persuade Swansea Council to reduce the cost.

Supported by Cllrs Lyndon Jones, Myles Langstone and Paxton Hood-Williams, Will chaired the Car Parking Charges Scrutiny Working Group where businesses and members of the public contributed to the debate.

Following the Working Group, it has been announced that the price for parking at Bracelet Bay, Langland Bay and Caswell Bay is to be reduced from £1.50 to 50p for an hour and the price for an all day ticket falls from £4.50 to £3.

Cllr Thomas said, "This will enable many more people to enjoy our stunning coastline far more in the Winter months. The winter parking charges was a big issue for residents on the doorstep at the local elections. I am glad to have a successful outcome."