Welsh Conservatives Select Francesca O'Brien for Gower

The Welsh Conservatives have selected their Parliamentary Candidate for Gower at the next General Election through an Open Primary meeting at Gower Golf Club. In a break with usual candidate selections, where party members decide, members of the public were invited to quiz candidates before voting for who they want to see as the Welsh Conservative Candidate for Gower. ​

Speaking afterwards, Francesca O’Brien said she was delighted to have been chosen and would start campaigning immediately on the issues that matter to local people.​

Francesca, who is a Gower business manager, said: “I have lived and worked in Gower all of my life, so I know the challenges people face here.​

“I have a real passion for this area. It is a fantastic place to live, but I want to make it even better.”​

Francesca, who has a young son, says education is high on her list of priorities.​

She said: “It is vital every child in Gower gets the best start in life, and that means a good education. That’s why if I am elected, I will take the Welsh Labour government to task on their abysmal record.”

Tourism is another area Francesca is keen to protect – and promote. ​

She said: “Tourism plays a huge role in our rural economy and we want that to continue and grow. However, a sensitive approach is the key. Gower is Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and we need to protect it for all it is worth.”

Safeguarding Gower jobs and creating new ones is also a priority for Francesca - as is fighting for local services and campaigning for better health care.​

Francesca who is a Commission Officer with RAF Air Cadets, and commands 1998 West Cross Squadron, is a keen supporter of military veterans and has pledged to continue that support if she is elected.​