What We're Doing to Tackle Crime

More Police. More investment. Tougher sentences. 

It's time to get a grip on crime. 

That's why we're hiring more police. Breaking up county lines drug gangs. And introducing tougher sentences for criminals. 

We're able to do this because of the hard work of the British people. We've taken the tough decisions and together we've put our economy back on track. 

So we're able to hire more police and make our streets safer. 

Conservatives are hiring 20,000 extra police officers

  • So we've got more police officers on our streets. 
  •  Helping to make out cities, towns and villages safer. 

Breaking up county lines drug gangs

  • We're investing an extra £20 million to end county lines drug gangs. 
  • It means the police can strengthen their teams dedicated to breaking up these gangs. 
  • And it means we can provide more support for victims. 

Tougher sentences for criminals

  • We're stopping the most serious criminals being released halfway through their prison sentences. 
  • That means the most violent offenders will have to spend longer in prison. 
  • Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru want to give the vote to every single prisoner in Wales. We'll keep fighting to stop this.