North Swansea Can't Cope!

Local MP Byron Davies and Assembly candidate, Lyndon Jones are strongly opposed to Labour's plans for thousands more houses across North Swansea.

Keep Gower Beautiful

Local MP, Byron Davies and Prospective Assembly Member, Lyndon Jones are calling on Gower residents to back their petition to keep Gower beautiful.The Welsh Labour Government are planning on removing the title of 'Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty' from Gower, despite huge local opposition.

Byron Davies said  “Local people across Gower are rightly furious at the Welsh Government for stripping Gower of its title as an ‘Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty’ and wanting to replace it with its own title.”Byron added “Gower was the very first area in all of Britain to be awarded AONB status, and we’re quite rightly, proud of that here. I don’t think that Labour Ministers sitting in Cardiff Bay quite get it.”Prospective AM, Lyndon Jones added “There’s also a larger cost to this - plenty of jobs rely on the way Gower is branded as a tourist destination. People from across the world come to the UK to visit AONB sites, of which Gower is one. This has a wider impact beyond the politics here, people’s jobs and businesses right across the peninsula depend on Gower retaining its AONB status and if elected as our Assembly Member, I’ll fight loudly against it."

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Crime down by more than a quarter

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